Tech Friendly

TC Scholars incorporates the latest technologies into our classrooms to educate students how to use technology in a productive, educational way.

Interactive Whiteboard
TC Scholars is excited to integrate Interactive Whiteboard technology in large and small group settings. This technology allows our teachers to engage students in their lesson plans while promoting collaborative and discovery-based learning. Students are able to help determine the direction of their learning with hands-on participation – making learning fun. In addition, movement breaks will be provided through programs like GoNoodle to encourage interaction and motion.

Every child should have the opportunity to engage and learn on technologies that will be important in their lives. At TC Scholars every child will have access to a tablet computer that will incorporate their latest lesson plans and aid them in their learning. Utilizing interactive and collaborative programs children can learn cooperative play and creativity. Academic development will also be prominently featured through applications like Raz-Kids (Literacy) and IXL (Math) that can also be accessed at home to continue their academic growth outside of the classroom.

Tech Clusters
TC Scholars classrooms are designed with the best practices of today with the collaborative, tech-centered world of tomorrow. In addition to featuring traditional centers found in most preschool classrooms, TC Scholars integrates collaboratively focused Tech Clusters for children to interact while utilizing technology.