TC Scholars is here to foster your child’s individual growth and development. Our unique philosophy places more emphasis on your child’s underdeveloped school-readiness skills that are often expected at most preschools. We want to work hand-in-hand with you to help your child develop the academic, behavioral and social-emotional skills they need in school and beyond.

Many of our children are intellectually capable to be part of an academically-rigorous preschool, but have yet to develop the behavioral or social-emotional skills needed to succeed in a traditional placement. TC Scholars helps our students overcome those challenges with a(n):

  • Low Student-to-Teacher ratio of 6-1
  • Maximum class sizes of 12 students
  • Dedicated in-classroom Master’s Level Social Worker
  • Integrated Behavioral Intervention
  • Illinois Licensed Early-Childhood Teacher
  • Academically rigorous curriculum
  • Structured play-based environment

Education Is a Partnership
TC Scholars is proud to be a program under the Tuesday’s Child umbrella, an organization that has supported parents for 35 years. We understand that your child’s education is a partnership between your family and ours. This is especially true for children with behavioral or social-emotional challenges. Our evidence-based behavioral and social-emotional strategies are not just effective in our classroom – we encourage all parents of our students to attend the Tuesday’s Child Behavioral Intervention program to implement the same evidence-based strategies at home.

Academics Is Essential
TC Scholars is not satisfied with simply managing behaviors and fostering your child’s socialization skills. We believe our children should be given the highest level of academics available. Our Illinois Licensed Teacher will work hand-in-hand with the Master’s Level Social-Emotional Expert to educate your child using best practices for an educational environment.

Meeting Every Child’s Needs
TC Scholars understands that every child takes a different approach to learning. Whether your child may need more accommodations or more personal attention – we will make it happen by utilizing evidence-based behavioral strategies, picture schedules, fidgets, accessing an OT-inspired gym, providing low student-to-teacher ratios, and small classrooms sizes.

Accessing a Multidisciplinary Team
TC Scholars unique relationship with Tuesday’s Child provides students with access to a talented multidisciplinary team made up of Chicago’s best behavior management and early childhood experts. Ranging from parenting to social services, Clinical Psychology to Early Childhood – we can address any challenge that is posed and ensure children are set up for success.

Technology Is a Tool
TC Scholars harnesses the power of technology to expose and educate children on how they can use it in a creative and productive manner. We do not use it solely to entertain – but for children to utilize technology as a resource and problem solving tool.

Generalizing Behaviors Outside of TC Scholars
TC Scholars takes regular trips to the park for the playground or nature tours and monthly field trips with students to help generalized desired behaviors outside our center. These sessions provide each student an opportunity to explore the outside world while learning valuable school-readiness skills and functioning in the community.

Daily Specials
TC Scholars will expose your children to a multitude of learning sessions including Spanish with Amanda, Music with Juanita, Art with Amanda, and Science with Fran, just to name a few. Every opportunity presents a new chance to foster a child’s imagination and growth.

Partnering With Your Providers
TC Scholars understands that our students are more likely to excel with proper supports and services. We work closely with your child’s already existing service providers to implement their suggestions in our classrooms and simplify service delivery by making our space available for your child’s services before or after classes.