TC Scholars’ social/emotional and behavioral focus ensures every child is an active learner. Our structured environment and differentiated learning style provides opportunities for all children to play cooperatively and learn collaboratively.

Our social/emotional focus promotes an interactive approach to learning with a structured curriculum and environment. Utilizing evidence-based strategies, TC Scholars fosters the social/emotional growth of our students. Classrooms are setup to promote socialization between children with learning centers designed for groups of 2-6. Our team provides students scripts on sharing and taking turns to facilitate appropriate play and make friends as well as using visual cues for body/space awareness. Our classrooms also implement a “Zones” curriculum to help children understand and communicate their emotions and to promote regulation.

The behavioral strategies integrated into our classrooms are the same evidence-based techniques Tuesday’s Child has used for 35 years. In particular, we focus on recognizing the positive in every child and promoting their growth and development through targeted praise and attention.┬áThese consistent strategies enable children to thrive with effective interventions to keep children focused and on task.